Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Display is Born; part 2

Thanks for stopping back. Yesterday I told you about my display inspirations, frustrations, plans and what I did with the Michaels $1 frames. Today is all about the floral foam and how the frames and foam came together. The color in the bottom pic is more accurate. Why do colors change so much from picture to picture sometimes? Aargh!!

I painted the foam for the picture frame inserts with the same blue that I used on the frames and glued brown felt, in this case a felted jcrew men's sweater, to the front. As a total aside, I find that jcrew wool sweaters felt up beautifully. Now back to the topic at hand. Half way thru painting the foam I started to worry I would run out of paint, so I didn't painting the foam inserts for the boxes, that's why they are still white. I think this is going to bite me in the bum, because I have plenty of paint left, but now that I have added the felt there's no good way to paint the box inserts. Boo.

Here is the total effect so far. Table #1 done.

I'm very happy with how this table came together. I have real concerns about table two.

Frames - $10.00
Foam - $9.00
Cheese boxes, bamboo boxes, felt, and decorative stickies - in house.
Spent so far - $19.00
Money remaining in budget - $21.00

Come back tomorrow and I'll show you table two and what I did with the potpourri. So far operation "low/ no budget but nice" is a success.