Monday, December 28, 2009

Better Late Than Never

I have a couple last minute Holiday projects to share. This one is a ginger bread house that my friend Taylor and I made. This whimsical little house took about 5 hours to make and was totally worth it.

It was a kit from Michael's but we added a ton of custom details. My favorite is the candy wreath. I cut up a couple of the spearmint candies, then attached them to a peppermint candy, and lastly added red candy dots as holly berries. We also added a lolly pop lane and coconut snow.

I hope you like the last hurrahs of my Holiday fun.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays

Happy Christmas Everyone


This photo was taken by my friend Victoria J. She took this amazing photo of the Eiffel Tower in 2006 while attending her nieces wedding. Not to get off topic but Victoria took some fantastic pictures of her nieces wedding and the wedding was so beautiful it took my breath away. But back to business.

Happy Christmas and Have a Wonderful New Year!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Okay, I have an confession to make. I'm a huge fantasy story lover, I read any book I can get my hands on, I obsess over fantasy movies when they come out, and yet...I expected Avatar to be so-so. I could not have been more wrong. Avatar was amazing.

I can't remember the last time a movie sucked me into its world so deeply and with such wonder. Well actually I can. Avatar made me feel the way I felt when I saw Star Wars in the drive-in, sitting on the hood of the family station wagon having my mind blown. I was taken to a whole new world, a world that seemed so real so stunning that I felt like I had awoke from the movie, not that the movie had ended.

Now I hate to tell people what to do, buuuuut... you absolutely must see it in 3D, and if you can see it in Imax 3D even better. If you have not seen a movie in modern 3D you must treat yourself and I can't think of a better movie to treat yourself with.

What are you waiting for go to the movies. Happy Holidays everyone.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Weekend Eye Candy - Gift Ideas 4

I realize this is cutting it close on gift ideas, but if you are a wait for the last minute person, there is always fedEx, Express Mail and UPS one day. You may need to convo the artisans and do a little begging but they say humbling oneself is good for the soul. So here are my final Holiday Gift Ideas, it's now or the mall.

$10.00 and under (stocking stuffers)

1. Arcadia Aromatics - These are solid shampoo bars. How fun is that? Give someone a new and fun shower experience, and still remain G rated.

2. The Twilight Shop - This is the second cool use of a fork I have featured, maybe I have a thing for forks. Can you imagine one of these cuties sticking out of your favorite book? Love these guys.

3. Tortoise Loves Donkey - Terrariums are very hot this year. And this little beauty is a fantastic example of simple and cool. You must check out Tortoise Loves Donkey's terrariums you wont be disappointed.

$25.00 and under

1. Elsita - This shop is a must visit on etsy. This artisan is wicked talented so treat yourself to a visit to her great shop. You will be happy you went. She also has 3 blogs you can visit. I don't think she sleeps.

2. Figs and Ginger - is a husband and wife team making Eco-Friendly sterling jewelry. And if that's now enough, look at how unbelievably sweet these little studs are. Great gift for anyone with pierced...well anyone pierced.

3. Multifarious - Not as evil as it sounds. I really enjoy the work of this artisan and the description on her header would make for a good opening for a book, it says....Although this sounds an awful lot like nefarious and therefore makes me sound a bit wicked... rest assured, I'm too dull to be wicked. It makes me want to read on. Check out her shop you'll be glad you did.

$40.00 and under

1. Janny's Girl - Hats, Hats, and more Hats. If you are a hat person you know what I'm saying. If you aren't a hat person, why not? They are fantastic. And Janny's Girl's shop is a good place to start. This artisan makes fun, pretty, warm and casual hats.

2. Village Clayworks - This whimsical pottery is so fun and happy. This artisan has bowls, plates, mugs,and vases that I promise will make you smile. Pop over and take a look, even if you don't need anymore gifts you will get a warm feeling from your visit.

3. Something's Hiding in Here - And sense we're on the subject of whimsy. This maybe the ultimate in whimsical gifts. Yes, you are looking at a "Mustache on a Stick". I doesn't get more whimsical than that. When you check out the shop look at the pictures of brides with mustaches, so fun.

$60.00 and up (The "A girl can dream, can't she?" category)

1. Mara Goti Joyas - I lust after these earrings, so please someone buy them and take them away from me, then I can sleep at night. You would be doing a public service really. But seriously this artisan has such beautiful jewelry if you miss out for the Holidays, Valentines Day is just around the corner.

2. Compulsive Collection - I dream of owning real Adirondack chairs. So I have to include this fantastic example. The design is so stylish and simple, my back yarn needs two of these chairs. This shop also has some great vintage trays and planter boxes.

3. Ekaa - I think by now we all know I'm loving the color blue. So is it any wonder I love this ostrich purse? I should hope not. This shop is full of great stuff it would have been impossible to pick just one item if not for the beautiful blue on this particular bag. Go check out this shop, I'll wait for you here.

Go check out Such and Such. Lora added a fantastic Weekend Eye Candy. It's really beautiful.

Happy Holidays everyone.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

An Oldie but a Goodie

I know "elfing" is old but it still makes me laugh until tears stream, so I must share. If you haven't seen this you have to check it out at JibJab, so fun. Enjoy.

These little cuties are my niece and nephews.

Okay my first attempt at adding video was a total flop. Here's another option. Let's see if this works better.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Weekend Eye Candy - Gift Ideas 3

Here are some more gift ideas. It's getting close, time to shop shop shop. So check out the following shops and see if they have what you're looking for to fill out your Holiday list.

Gifts under $10.00

1. Leo and Company - These guys make fantastic organic dog treats. They are healthier than anything I eat, I can tell you that.
2. Chic Earth - "Who knew saving the Earth could look so chic" is this shops motto. Really fun stuff, green and beautiful, check them out.
3. Pretty 'n' Preppy - This artisan makes really nice quality accessories. And I love a good lavender satchel so I couldn't resist.

Gifts Under $25.00 (the Patchwork Long Beach addition)

1. Corrie Hill Design - I met Corrie at Patchwork Long Beach and her baby cloths are fantastic. She is a super nice person, so excited about her work, and the designs are even cuter in person. Check her shop out you won't be disappointed.
2. Chocolate and Steel - Was also at Patchwork. You know how much I love Christine's work so I won't go on and on. But if you're looking for simple and modern Chocolate and Steel is the place to shop.
3. Done by Digits - Graziella was my neighbor at Patchwork. Her hand crocheted stuffies are so nice. They are unique, adorable, cheerful, sweet, and so inexpensive you should snap one up now before she comes to her senses and raises the price.

Gifts under $40.00 (jewelry addition)

1. Copper Frog Studio - Really beautiful jewelry. There is so much great work on this site, I hope you enjoy looking around this shop.
2. Zeal Creations - This is a brand new seller on etsy and the work is really beautiful. Take a look at this shop.
3. Naftali - This artisan makes beautiful polymer clay and sterling jewelry. This is one of first shops I hearted on etsy.

Gifts $60.00 and over
1. Gabriela and Catalin Art Gallery - This art work is really stunning. You have to look at this shop.
2. Darrielle's Clay Arts - I love love love these tumblers. The glaze is so beautiful, the color is wonderful and the tray is super cute. Who could ask for anything more?
3. Jenni Brant's Ceramica - I have a thing for tea cups. I know, who would have guessed it, but I love delicate beauiful tea cups. I love this artists work and hope you enjoy it also.

Check out Lora's blog if you need a bit more Weekend Eye Candy. Have a great one.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My only Holiday Bah Humbug

Since my family and friends are visitors to my blog, thanks guys, I can't share all the Holiday gifts I'm making. But I can share some of last years little gifties. So here are a couple of last years handmade goodies.

Soap, lotion, lavender satchels, and face masks for most adults

And the kiddies all got Hand Felted Slippers. They were a chore to make but they turned out great.

This was my nieces' pair.

I'm taking pictures of this years gifts and I'll show you all the fun when gifts have been opened and no surprises can be ruined. I hope your hand made Holiday creations are coming along nicely.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Stocking Stuffer Giveaway

I have a fun giveaway to share with everyone from Michelle over at Cafe Boulet. I featured Cafe Boulet two weeks ago-ish on a gift idea post and Michelle sent me a fantastic coffee cozy to share with everyone for a giveaway. How cool is that?

First I want to show you a few of the great items at Cafe Boulet

Now what will you win? This little beauty.
Michelle's coffee cozies make a great stocking stuffer. We all like to indulge in a little white cup of goodness from time to time. Now you can skip the cardboard cozy, express your personal style, and be green with one of Cafe Boulet's creations.

How to Play;

Go to Cafe Boulet and then come back here and tell me which item in the shop you can hardly live without, and your in. Blog about these fantastic little gifties and come back and comment. You could tweet about it, come back and comment. I think your getting the idea. I will sign you up for the giveaway for everything you do to help get the word out about Cafe Boulet. Make sure you give me your email address so that I can contact you if you are the winner. The giveaway will end on December 10th, I will announce the winner on December 11th, and mail the cozy anywhere in the world.
Good luck and Happy Holidays.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Up-Cycling at its Very Best

Ken over at Stave Creations up-cycles oak wine barrel staves into beautiful home decor. The wood of the stave is full of character, the color is a rich contrast of deep oak grain, and the history just seems to reach out to you as you hold it. I couldn't help wondering what kind of wine this stave protected, for how long, and I wished I could taste the wine. And all this beauty is green. Ken is an amazing artisan, he has a passion for up-cycling, and he is extremely generous.

Ken's fantastic work:
So if you have a candle lover, wine drinker, or just someone who loves beautiful home decor on your Holiday list get over to Stave Creations you will not regret it.