Friday, February 26, 2010

Weekend Eye Candy - Secrets Revealed

In order to bring you this weekend's eye candy I have to admit to something I generally keep secret. I love As a little girl I never had a doll, I never even wanted a doll. I was quite the tomboy. But as I've grown up I've been drawn to dolls. Not the lace and dolly dolls of old ladies, but beautiful and daring art dolls, like the dolls of Marina Bychkova. I blogged about these beauties awhile back. Well these dolls led me to...which led me to...which led me know how surfing the net goes, but most importantly I bumped into artist, and fellow Enchanted Doll fan, Monika Viktoria.

She has a playful, fantastical and whimsical collection of original artwork on etsy, at crazy affordable prices. Her shop is The Long Lost Woods Boutique. She also blogs under The Long Lost Woods. She is talented, imaginative and as I learned this week extremely nice. Please check out her shop and blog you'll be happy you did. Good Weekend!!

P.S. if I didn't mess up, in a couple weeks, I'll have pictures to share that will prove what a great person Monika is. Until then go snap up her artwork.


Michelle Ross said...

Wow Paige, crazy cool.

monika viktoria said...

Aww Paige.... I'm so touched!! :-)