Friday, June 25, 2010

Marie's Shoes: little change

I've sent off my first pair of Marie's Shoes. And in getting them ready to go I discovered a little design flaw. The shoes wouldn't stay on the "feet" unless they were touching the ground. This really would have limited the posing that could have been used for the shoes. So I did a little redesign and added a strap across the back of the shoe. I really love how it looks.
The strap is satin with Freshwater pearl embellishment and button closure. I think it looks really cute and period accurate to boot.
I'm sure that if I had a doll I would have caught this problem a long time ago. But because I've never "played" with my shoes I didn't bump into this issue until I was photographing the shoes with the "feet" in them. So all I can say is; I obviously need a doll...Right?


Anonymous said...

What do you use as the loop for the button closure? (or did you just make it yourself...?)

I have been puzzling about how to do closures on ED clothing. I'm not sure what I can do that will be both functional and accurate to pre-zipper days.

Paige said...

I made it myself. It's made from sterling silver wire.

The design is similar to a hook and eye but I also looked at the Chinese button closure things, I'm not sure what they are called.

I really like the look. Very vintage and yet totally functional.

monika viktoria said...

Lol.. YES! you obviously need a doll!!! :-)