Thursday, March 17, 2011

The wait is over

I'm not going to go into crazy detail because I have about a million pictures to share and I don't want this to be the longest post ever, so I will just say, I ordered a doll from Kelly aka tencats, an amazing artist, and my doll arrive today, Woo Hoo. She actually arrived yesterday but I was working and so they had to come back today. But no matter, she's here now and without further ado

The Box Opening!

I have a muse, and I just love her.

I'm just blown away by her beauty. It was late in the day when she finally got here so the pictures I took in my excitement were not very good. Hopefully I'll do better tomorrow. She is so wonderful I had a very hard time putting her away.

I've been working like a house elf for her arrival and have some fun things to share. So I think this blog is going to get a work out over the next few days and weeks.


Crystal said...

Oh my! She is gorgeous!The blue hair and eyes are to die for! So pretty! I'm sure your going to have real fun with her and she will surely inspire you to do your best work!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, what a sweetie! And I love Tencats packaging! This doll is so sweet, the way that porcelain looks when blushed is just gorgeous. Congratulations, she's perfect.


Jayne said...

Oh she is gorgeous! Congratulations <3

monika viktoria said...

Good on you Paige!!! I fell utterly in love with my little girl from Kelly, and my goodness your little one just takes my breath away!!! Is this the original "Hyacinth" doll she showed on her flickr, or did you order one very similar to her??

I can wait to see what you create in her size!!!

Much love from me and my little blossom, my own tiny Kelly Doll :-)

Annina said...

ooh congratulations Paige, she is so very cute and i love how Kelly packaged everything with so much care! how great that you have a little muse now! ♥

kwm said...

I think she is quite exquisite! <3

Your box opening photo shoot is also well done.

Congratulations on her arrival home.

Paige said...

Thank you everyone. I can't wait to take more pictures today. She is very inspiring to me. I can't wait to see what she demands. Woo Hoo. I hope she is a very demanding muse!!!

Monika, yes she is the beautiful Hyacinth and I feel so honored that she was offered to me. She's a dream come true.