Saturday, March 2, 2013

Tiny Paver Patio

You may have seen the little paver patio off the new solarium in this post.  So I just wanted to share some detail photos of the little patio.

This is the area of the yard before both the solarium and the patio.  Over there, where the bike, windows, doors and wood are making a mess, that is were the solarium and the tiny patio now live.

As you can see there was a very bad paver patio there before.  All the pavers for this project were recycled from the old patio.  We got the sand for under the pavers from the beach and the wood was part of the stash that we salvaged from the construction site.  So this projects price tag was, free.  WooHoo!

A wood border gives the little patio definition and ties it into the solarium, because it's the same wood that the solarium is made of.

The patio slopes down toward the concrete wall and at the end I added a little rock gutter for the water to run off into.  We don't get much rain so this system seems to work great, for us.

The price tag may have been free but this a killer project, physically.  The buckets of sand were heavy and the pavers seemed light at the beginning of the day, but by the end of the day I was sure they were 200lbs a piece.  But it was a one day project so the pain was quick and the little patio turned out really great.  So very worth its price in sweat.


Terence Watthens@The Fidus Group said...

The sand and pavers would still be heavy even if you actually spend money for the materials, anyway. At least now, you're able to create a purpose for the outdoor space. I think it would've looked good if you've used the diamond arrangement. Although it would be a little complicating with the tiles you have. Maybe you can just create a decorative look with some stain.