Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Green Giveaway

I'm having my first giveaway to celebrate two very cool things. One, I have successfully blogged for one month, ya!! Two, I put my first 5 items in my etsy shop today.

One of the things that really drew me to the craft blog community was the generosity. Ideas, inspiration, tutorials and, can you image, giveaways of beautiful items. Just given freely and with love. Who are these amazing people? So I'm super excited to have my first giveaway. To give a little something back to the community that has given me so much.

Here is what you can win. I make these fun to-go coffee cup sleeves, a pretty and green alternative to the cardboard sleeves. I whip them up as gifts for friends and family. They seem to like them, I hope you do too.

I have 6 to give away. So 6 lucky winners. And yes I know one is totally different from the rest. I had some left over felt and felted flowers from a bag I made a friend, and I thought, why not?

The rules of the road for this giveaway are simple, but you can really rack up points here. You get one point if you just check out my etsy shop and leave a comment. Good, bad, or ugly, I welcome all input. You can get another point if you blog about my giveaway, but make sure and comment to let me know you blogged. And last you can get a point by helping this Dyslexic out with her proof reading. (Dyslexics of the world "untie"). If you are the first to spot a spelling error on my etsy site, comment about it, and I will give you another point. One spelling error per person. That way my mistakes can really spread the love.

The sleeves have buttons and elastic in the back, so they adjust to fit all cup sizes.
The giveaway is over next Tuesday the 12th. I will announce the winners on Wednesday the 13th.

Thank you all so much for your support during this first month of my new adventure, Paige


Karen Gill said...

Okee dokee Paige! I have blogged, twittered, and mentioned it on Facebook. Hope you get lots of love and traffic!!!

Good fortune!

auntrene said...

I checked our your Etsy shop, beautiful items.. Unfortunately for myself, my checkbook is not allowing any shopping, only window shopping at this time.
I especially liked the Cloisonne Flower Pendent, so very pretty.
I noticed you said you fill the sell, is it supposed to be cell.. not sure, just checking.
Have fun.. Thanks
itsjustmerene2003 at yahoo dot com

Sarah said...

Visiting from Thrifty Minnesota Mama, I love the flower one! So cute I also like your Cloisonne Flower pendant from your shop. Very nice work!

Sarah said...

Also as far as spelling errors go usually giveaway is one word you have it as two but I don't know how technical you want to get :)

SarCraw said...

I love your Rustic Leaf Earrings, and hearted them! :)

SarCraw said...

Sorry, didn't know if I was supposed to leave a separate comment or not, but I also blogged:


SarCraw said...

I hope you were serious about the spelling errors! Because I sort of feel like a jerk for pointing one out!! But anything to win a coffee sleeve! haha :)
In this post:
you have "caramel's" possessive, when it should just be "caramels" plural.
No biggie :)

christin said...

I love your swirl drop earrings:) Thanks!

Julie said...

I also have a jacaranda tree in my yard, that's why the Rustic Leaf earrings are my favorites.

Julie said...

Well, no spelling errors, though I did learn that you can spell pendant with an "e" at the end too.

Just a punctuation error... On your pendant, your last sentence should have a semicolon before "I have some fun ideas"

~ Lora Hart Jewels ~ said...

I love the texture of the Rustic leaf earring, and the design of of the Denim Quartz earrings!

And i was gonna point out that pendant is spelled with an a and not two e's. Now I have to go look it up to see if I'm wrong and Julie is right!

Otherwise it looks fabulous! Congrats on your Grand Opening!

~ Lora Hart Jewels ~ said...

Blogged the giveaway, so that's another entry for me! ;-)

Pat Evans said...

I went to your shop to just see about buying one of the cozies,since I'm not feeling especially lucky today, but you didn't have them up for sale. I like your jewelry, but only wear my own. However, I don't make cozies. Have you considered putting them in your shop?