Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm back.

I was off the internet all last week while I was in MN. Except for a couple trips to a free wifi zone. Sunday, I called home to say I was coming home and I was going to get online and stay online until my head and eyes popped. Then I was informed that our home internet was down. I almost cried. But thanks to a 10 minute visit from Time Warner, I'm back online, and I didn't die of withdrawal. But it was a close thing.

Now onto important business...

I need a banner for my show. This is the design I have come up with it's 4' x 2.5'. What do you think?

Or this?
Does the picture extended all the way under the flourishing on the left hand side look muddy? Or does the picture cropped look strange? And if both are true, which bothers you less?


Kira said...

I like the extended picture vs. the cropped picture. I also think the swirlies are kinda distracting from the images of your work right now. I would play with the composition a bit before committing it to print!

Michelle Ross said...

Definitely (IMHO) the top one. Yes, the swirls over the hemlock leaves looks "muddy". They look less busy in the top image.

~ Lora Hart Jewels ~ said...

I like the top one but think there are too many swirls. I would modify them for a large sign more like the few that are over your flash etsy shop on the right. Lose all of the coffee colored swirls including the one next to your website addy.

Angela said...

All of the above :o)
I prefer the top image where you can see the jewelry better. Also same as Lora, less swirls.
I absolutely loooove the line "creativity is a renewable resource" Wish I'd thought of it !!!
I also have the impression it's not centered and that seems a bit disturbing since to me it's not enough off center to look on purpose.
I'd also test on a larger format to see how well your photos appear since that's very important. I'm wondering if they aren't too dark. and I'd probably put the center photo less lying down since I'm not sure how well it can be seen like that on a banner. Ok, I've been opinionated enough for today. Good luck with it and much deserved success !