Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Flat Tharan goes home to Minnesota

A couple of months ago I got a Flat Tharan in the mail. And I had a great time with him. I'm a little late in blogging about him, I mailed him off a week ago, but it was such fun I wanted to share.

I took him all over the city and we got some great shots. These guys were so nice. They let me take a bunch of pictures and "Jack" even made me check to make sure the images were in focus before he let me walk away.

Hollywood and Highland
Santa Monica Carousel
I wanted to add a little treat bag for each of Tharan's classmates with a couple of California items. I remember how cool you felt as a kid when you were the one giving out the treats to your class. Each bag was stamped with a sun and palm tree on the front, a cool palm symbol on the back, and tied with a little yarn bow.

Inside each bag were two caramel treats and three sea shells wrapped in foil and tied with curly ribbon. The caramel's were from Beth at Have it Confections in Glendale CA. Beth made me a kid friendly special order of Heavenly Vanilla and Belgian Chocolate.

I feel I have to give a big thank you to etsy here. I really wanted the treats to be made locally (in the LA area). I never would have found a local candy maker without etsy. And the kids would have ended up with See's Candies, which are made in Culver City, but you can buy at any mall in the country.

I ordered an ibook filled with all the shots I took. If you are a mac person and have never ordered an ibook through iphoto I highly recommend them. They are extremely professional looking and it's really easy to do the book's lay-out in iphoto.

I packed up Flat Tharan, some other goodies for my nephew, the treats for his class, the book and sent them off to Minnesota. I hope it goes over well, I haven't heard yet.


~ Lora Hart Jewels ~ said...

How could it NOT go well. Such a great birthday gift! You really put a lot of thought into it and I know he'll be thrilled.