Thursday, April 23, 2009

Photo Woes

I really want to open an etsy store next month. So yesterday I spent a little time in my yard trying to create a photo set up that I liked. I brought out a lot of toys that I though would look good.

.....83 pictures later and I'm not a happy camper. The worst part is, I think I take pretty good pictures, but merchandising shots are killing me.

This picture really looked great in the set up. I remember thinking "this is how I would display this pendent if I was selling it in a shop". The pendent has movement and it looks dynamic. But as an online sale photo, is it a little busy? And I know I can't show 4 pictures like this, it would become to much "about the prop".

Pendent 1

But.......this shot, which has simplicity and shows the pendent great is a little flat feeling. And also a little, dare I say, boring.

Pendent 2

This picture is a little bit of a compromise but still not great. It still feels flat. But I love the prop.

Pendent 3

And the same thing happens with the earrings. Love these shots of the earrings. But are they to busy? And 4 pictures with these props will become "about the prop". But I love the dynamics of the shots.

So here is my question for all you etsy experts out there. Can I use a picture like Pendent 1, or the earring shots, as my main picture because their dynamic, but busy, and then use pictures like Pendent 2 to show details? Or do all my pictures need to be on the same background? I did a lot of surfing etsy and most sellers use the same background for all the shots of a piece. Is this a rule I can break? What do you think?

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~ Lora Hart Jewels ~ said...

I like pendant 3 best. Your props are way too big in the others. And I like the last earring photo for the same reason. This isn't an ad in a magazine or a window in a shop. You've got to keep it simple and let the jewelry take center ring.

Karen Gill said...

I don't pretend to be an expert, but I like Pendant 2 and 3. I think 1 doesn't show the pendant at its best. Earrings 1- leaves me wondering what the props are. Earrings 2-ditto even though I like it. #3 is the best-focus is on the earrings.

In my opinion the background doesn't have to be the same in each photo. That would be nice for good flow. Unfortunately for me, I never achieve that kind of flow in mine! :o) So, I wish you good fortune!

metalheart design said...

First of all, THANK YOU for featuring my earrings! That is such a treat.

Photography suggestions--try taking your pictures out of direct sunlight. You can do this by shooting outside on an overcast day or by finding a window in your home that lets in a lot of light. Turn off your flash, and use the macro (looks like you may already be doing that) and it will make a huge difference!

Try also shooting at odd angles to get a cool shot for your "first" picture, then do more straightforward shots for the others to show more detail.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!!! Love, love, love the first designs AND the photo!! Fabulous job!!

Chocolate and Steel said...

I like pendant 3 and earrings 3 the best. I like a little bit of the prop showing but the earrings have all of the interest.

The picture with the earrings with the large prop in back gives the photo too much contrast so in the end the earrings are blown out but the stones are in the shadow. I think the more neutral background allows more room for contrast of the actual jewelry piece.

And, I don't think that all the pictures need to have the prop in it. I have done that a few times for pieces that I wanted to show more close up detail and drop the prop.