Monday, July 13, 2009

Renegade LA - Fantastic

Saturday I went to Renegade LA with my friends and fellow bloggers Lora at Such and Such and Michelle The Ornamentalist. The show was fantastic. This was my first Renegade show and I could not have been more impressed. I want to share a couple of my favorites from the show.

The amazing Christine Street of Chocolate and Steel

Adriana Osborn of In-Vita Paper Studio

Kurt Van Maarth of Swearjar Design

and Appetite

Honestly there were many many more like Karlee Fuchs, Amy Lucas McClure of Olaria Studio, David at Survive Design, Kate Burge and Rachel Price of Spincycle Yarns, Lucymachine Jewelry...and on and on. It was just a great show. Congratulations Renegade and Bravo Sellers.


RosyRevolver said...

I've heard about this show all the way over here on the east coast! Thanks for this post; it did wonders for my itchy curiosity! Love the artists you featured.

~ Lora Hart Jewels ~ said...

Boy, you took good notes! I'm so glad to own a pair of gorgeous earrings from the very talented Mr. Van Maarth. And now that I see that green floral dog tag, I may have to dip into the penny jar again!

carollai said...

so wonderful! thanks for sharing! i went to the renegade craft fair in brooklyn a little while ago. was astonished at all the amazing handmade items! :)

btw... wonderful giveaway on my blog. 100% handmade handbag from paco+lupe.

Amanda K Lockrow said...

I heard about Swearjar Design but didn't get a chance to check out his work! Now I totally want some.