Wednesday, July 22, 2009

YA....First Etsy Sale....YA

And I also want to announce that I made my first etsy sale YA YA YA did I mention YA. A very nice lady from North Carolina ordered my Rustic Leaf Earrings. I'm so excited to have made my first sale.

This person has no idea, but she will have a very special place in my memories. I know that sounds corny but it's true. You should have read the first 12 drafts of that sentence sappy, sentimental and corny, all true but my stoic MN roots required that I simplify to just corny.

I made the ultra suede pouch and I really love the way it turned out, so I'm definitely keeping the pouch. I made the thank you card and like it also, so that's a keeper, but it seems a little bare. I know I need to add a business card but does anyone have any fun suggestions on a little something to add zing, without breaking my piggy bank. All input appreciated.


Michelle Ross said...

I know it's a little late for this order, but get those Moo cards done..... they're perfect for that.

You could take a picture of her earrings, make a thumbnail of it (like a little postage stamp, and stick it on a card like the one pictured.

That all I got this early in the a.m.!