Monday, October 12, 2009

How Lucky am I?

Super lucky. My friend and amazing artisan dona di Carlo has been cleaning out and creating a studio in her garage. A couple months ago she gave me this little beauty.

Isn't it just the cutest thing? Lucky me right?

A week or so later I'm walking my dog; this sounds like it doesn't go with the beginning of the story, but wait, it all comes together; I'm walking the dog and I come across someone giving away two cool old wooden card tables. They are in good, not great, shape but they are wood not crappy aluminum and cardboard. So Magnet and I end our walk with two wooden card tables in tow. Again lucky me. When I get the tables home I notice one has a strange cutout.

Now you see how the stories are coming together. Fast forward to Friday night and a sudden urge to sew. Out comes the card table and I figure out how to open the insert. Now I thought the opening was way to big for the little singer. But when I get it open I see that the holder is much smaller than the opening.

I cross my fingers and...It's a perfect fit.

And I mean perfect, there are even these cutouts in the sheet metal for the fly wheel and the plug.

And look at how flush it sits with the table.

One more pic just because I'm so happy about this convergence of events.

I can't believe I was given a great little sewing machine then found, on the street, the table that was designed to hold it. Again I say how lucky am I? Super lucky.

Tomorrow I'll share the bags this little dream team whipped up.


~ Lora Hart Jewels ~ said...

Wow! I didn't know that! Too cool. And that sewing machine is so uber cute. I'm jealous.