Monday, October 19, 2009

Sorry Ming

I promised a fellow Los Angeles Metal Clay Guild member and friend, Ming, that I would post a tutorial on how to make these cute little earring stands.

And I have not gotten around to it yet. But I plan to get to this post on Wednesday. Sorry Ming. But I did re-arrange my studio so it's a lot more user friendly.

Here's the old studio set-up.

I sat at the comfy desk chair. If I needed to enamel or solder I had to go to the other table. I also used the end of the Metal Clay table to do my sewing.

And here's the new and improved set-up.

I still sit in the comfy chair to do my Metal Clay work. But now if I need to enamel or solder I just swing around and pull the chair up to other table. And thanks to the dream team I can set up the sewing machine anywhere in the room when the sewing bug bites.

I'm also able to use the window better for my etsy photos and I think the new photos are better than the old ones. So all in all I'm very happy with the new set-up.


Michelle Ross said...

So much space! I'm totally jealous! Looks really good.

ming.tuan said...

Paige, your new space looks awesome. I love those labeled cabinets. Thanks for thinking of me in regards to your adorable earring cards : ))