Monday, October 5, 2009

I'm Baaaack!

Sorry I have been MIA for the last month but I had to get ready for my very first show and it was a lot of work. As you all know.

The show went great all things considered. I thought the show was much, much, much, bigger than it was, note to self: get a second source for all numbers you get off the internet. I don't think there was any intentional deception, just an honest but vague number that could have been interpreted in many ways, and I interpreted it wrong. All part of the learning curve. The silver lining to this sad tail is that I have all the product I need to get me thru the holiday season and into the next year. I'm feeling very ahead of the game at the moment. I will be adding it all to my esty site over the next few weeks so take a look at the store when you get a chance. I'm really proud of the designs for this year's jewelry.

Enough of the nuts and bolts, lets look at some pictures.

This is the beautiful campsite I stayed at in South Dakota. I didn't get to do any hiking or horse back riding this year but next year both will be part of the plan.

This pic was taken during set-up. I could never have done the sale with out a lot of people be incredibly kind to me. I hope I remember you all here, I'm humbled by your generosity. Pam, a fellow member of the LA PMC guild loaned me the black table cloths that made up the base of my table displays.

My uncle built all the beautiful displays you see in the next pictures and mounted the beautiful root in the above picture. A ton of people said they came to look at my booth because the display looked so interesting from across the show. The booth would have been nothing with out his help and artistry. I'm just sad it all had to stay in South Dakota, I would have brought it home in a heart beat. Thank you.

Michelle at The Ornamentalist loaned me some extra pieces of leather. They really helped define the display areas and added great visual interest. Michelle also gave me support, encouragement, play dates to explore, and so very much more, thank you Michelle you are a wonderful person.

This last picture is of me making my first sale. My aunt took the picture and worked the booth with me both days. I think I totally wiped her out. She probably needed to nap for a week after I left. She also spent endless hours, and I mean endless hours, on the phone helping me organize, encouraging me to continue, and just being amazing, thank you, you mean the world to me.

Also thank you to everyone who let me pick their brains about what the heck to do. Christine at Chocolate and Steel, honestly you are an inspiration to me and I don't think I would have gotten this far without your generous flow of information. Lora Hart of Such and Such you have been so kind and giving in these months leading up to this sale, thank you. dona DiCarlo for all your positive feed back, you always gave my ego the boost it needed and it needed it, thank you.

And last but definitely not least thank you to you, my poor blog readers, for your patients with my little break. I have a ton to share, like my cute little earring displays and my fun cash wrap in a case so hopefully you will forgive me and come back for the payoff.


Chocolate and Steel said...

ha! I hadn't seen this post yet:) I just emailed you. Your display looks awesome!!! I hope you got more pictures because I want to see more. Happy that you are back and I'm excited to see all of the new stuff you've come up with.

Michelle Ross said...

Boo hoo on leaving the wood in SD, but glad you are back and the show was a success.

Hope this isn't a double or triple post.....I don't think it worked before.......pushing the button now......