Monday, March 8, 2010

The learning curve.

The problem with the learning curve is... well, it's a curve. So you can't see how much is left in front of you as you travel this necessary, humbling, and sometimes frustrating path. So here's a little more of my journey on the curve.

If your a smart person you make one thing send it off and wait. See the results and make the next piece. Well I'm not a smart person, or at least not a patient person. So I made a batch of things and sent them off and can imagine....

Now all the smart/ patient people saw it coming, the same results as last weeks post. Proportion is great, I'm really happy with that, but size is magically off by around the same amount on all of them. How did that happen? Patient people around the blogosphere are shaking their heads and saying "you should have waited". Well I didn't and I have all these great pictures to share on my blog...taadaaaa lemonade!

But as if like a little miracle from down under. It's true things work differently in Australia.

Crowns and earrings aren't necklaces. Who knew? And with this new boost of confidence and all the knowledge I should have waited patiently for but couldn't, I made my second batch and sent them off to these beautiful women in Sweden, Belgium, France, Australia, and Kalamazoo. Yes I said batch. What can I say I'm not smart. I'm impatient and I'll grab the donuts every time. If you don't get that last one, trust me it won't help if I explain.

So that's been my journey so far. Hopefully I've reach the top of the curve, but it's a curve, so you just can't tell.


Michelle Ross said...

Paige, you are one of the smartest people I know. You're just very excited, and a self confessed impatient!

I particularly love the necklace on the doll that is wearing the crochet top. What is the stone. It goes so perfectly with the outfit.

Maybe you could ask the lovely ladies that are using their dolls as models to take a string, drape it on the doll where the necklace should go, and tell you that measurement. I do that all the time for bracelets on "live" people!

Anonymous said...

If you never try, you never know.

I think that your jewellery is wonderful and I had a blast trying it on my girl ^__^

Annina said...

Paige you are so cute, your impatience is very familiar to me, i am an impatient one myself! ;)

I'm honored to be one of your guinea pigs as being your guinea pig involves receiving beautiful tiny Jewelry for my dear doll!

monika viktoria said...

I sent you something today, that I hope will help..... patience, paige :-)

I am glad though, that little fern was a breath of relief :-D