Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What is with me?

I'm usually the kind of person that has serious tunnel vision. I get an idea in my head and I can't do anything until I complete it. Because of this, I have a little guilt that I haven't progressed on my Elf Queen project very much. But I have been designing, designing, designing. It's so strange for me. The minute I get the idea on paper, I have another idea I need to get on paper. So here's what I've been up to...

I designed about 10 pairs of shoes and I seriously could have done 10 more. Shoes are super fun to design. But I really like this one, it's clean and looks good both embellished and not embellished, so that makes me happy. I didn't want to create a shoe that would only look nice half covered by ribbons, tassels, and beads.

The crown can be either pearls or gems and I haven't decided which I like better. The pearls and gems are both very pricey so that's a factor. I could do pearls and Swarovski Crystals and that would look beautiful and keep the price reasonable. But I can wait to make up my mind until I have all the metal work done. So no pressure there. I really love the look.

And the necklace is very simple by comparison but I think it will look fantastic with the crown. It will be solid silver with a pearl or gem that matches the crown. It's kind of a cuff necklace. It will be form fitting and rest around the shoulders. Very cool.

I also got some great pictures back from one of my fantastic models Iðunn. She's a modeling sterling silver, rose quartz and freshwater pearl choker. It fits just where I had hoped, so I'm really really happy. And I love her in this blushing pink color. She is so beautiful any color would look good, but I think the pink really enhances her blond coloring. I sent some earrings as a thank you giftie but Iðunn doesn't have the kind of pierced ears that can wear french hooks. Boo Paige. But I really love this picture so I wanted to share it.Well I'm back to the drawing board, literally, for more design work. Seriously what is with me these days? What ever it is, I'm going with it. And I have permission from my good friend and amazing artist M, to just let it happen. So I'm pushing back the guilt and enjoying the design time.


Biscuitbear said...

*whispers into your pillow while you're asleep* Continue with Marie! Put the Elf Queen on hold! Hehe, I love everything 18th century and cannot wait to see what you will come up with!

Paige said...

I'm really loving "Marie" also. I am working on the template for the crown today. But I'm also working on the Elf Queen's staff. Wednesday is a studio day so I'm playing with my toys today. Woo Hoo love Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

ooh i love Marie, i'm very curious to see how these pieces will turn out. i will want to commission you at some point but want to let you design your ideas and see what you are going to come up with.

we love those earrings very much, i simply have to get a resin ED who can wear them (if i can save up enough money ;)

really hooked on your projects, i'm so excited to see you design more crowns, i love crowns and will want to get Iðunn some different ones!


Paige said...

Had a great day in the studio today. I'm so happy. I'll show the results when I get a chance. That is, if anything turns out. Well maybe I'll share even if nothing turns out.